Courier Franchising – How are we different

There are other courier and transport franchises available in the market. Our directors and head office staff have worked in some of them – and are dedicated to doing it better so that our clients get superior service and our franchisees can run a more effective and potentially more profitable business. We have worked the last 5 years to develop a cleaner, clearer system than our competitors that can generate more profit and is more efficient to run.

Compare our Courier Franchising opportunity to our competitors in the table below:

Speedy Freight Franchise

iconpanel_weight_darkAny size and weight.

Any Size and Weight of item, so more business.


Every imaginable type of vehicle from a scooter to a 44 ton truck – so more business.

iconpanel_flowchart_darkA simple structure.

You manage happy subcontracted drivers from one office in a massive territory.

iconpanel_poundsign_darkSimple tariffs.

Single split of earnings between you and your drivers.

iconpanel_barchart_darkA fully-fledged management business.

A fully-fledged management business – that can grow to any size, serving any size of contract.

iconpanel_tick_darkEverything you need.

Everything you need in a turnkey franchise package.

Competing Franchises

iconpanel_weight-line_darkAny size and weight?

Limited to small packages, at lower value, with less business.


Usually limited to small and medium ‘white vans’ only, so less to offer clients.

iconpanel_flowchart-line_darkA simple structure?

All kinds of complicated structures and drivers that have to pay to join as sub-sub-franchisees; super depots; sub depots; hubs…

iconpanel_poundsign-line_darkSimple tariffs?

…A bit for the driver, a bit for the sub depot, a bit for the super depot, a bit to repay the driver franchise, a bit for…

iconpanel_barchart-line_darkA fully-fledged management business?

Often only a ‘van man’ business where you only operate (and might even have to drive) a handful of vans.

iconpanel_tick-line_darkEverything you need?

You still pay to join, but are often left to buy equipment and fit-out your office yourself.

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